1 NISSAN LEAF for sale in Australia

  • $29,999

    Ex Gov Charges
    The Nissan LEAF is 100% electric. You will never put even a drop of petrol in it. Ever. It produces zero CO2 tailpipe emissions. In fact it doesnt even have a tailpipe. Instead it depends on one of our most advanced lithium-ion batteries ever developed. The LEAF is so vastly original, it will change the way you think about and drive cars for many years to come. Switch to electric today. There are 3 ways to charge the Li-ion battery. Quick charge can take the battery to 80% charge in about 30 minutes. Normal charge takes around 7-8 hours from empty to full and Trickle charge takes around 14 hours*. Perfect for the Australian climate, the rear spoilers solar panel converts sunlight into energy for the 12v battery, which helps to power many of the interior accessories. The LEAF also uses the Intelligent Key system. You leave your key in your pocket or bag. You open the car door. You start the engine. You drive away. Simple. The LEAF is almost completely silent. Besides being free from normal engine noise, the headlight lens covers redirect airflow to reduce wind noise. The cars flat bottom surface also cuts wind resistance, while the body is designed to keep the cabin comfortably quiet. Just as it should be. You can control many of the cars features with the cars own iPhone ^ and Android ^ app. At the swipe of a finger you can check the batterys charge level, how far you can go on your current charge and operate the climate control system, from a beach, a cafe, or work... indeed, anywhere you can impress friends from.
    • 15,016 KMS
    • 0 CYL
    Wangara WA View Details
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