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  • $38,900*
    • 26,590 Kms
    • 4cyl 2LL
    • MANUAL
    • TRIKE
    Custom built Nov 2008, OzTrike Chopper 2 Highway, 1916cc performance VW engine in Metallic Garnet. Fastidiously maintained by ONE owner, last service 26,000 k's by Trike specialist. Also, twin KATRON carburetors with electronic ignition, highway gearbox, long range duel fuel tanks, "Live to Ride" fuel caps, pulsating tail lights & indicators, Harley switch block, Custom wheels design HB148, Immobiliser, "ET" headlight, Cats eye mirrors, LED Indicator lights & Brake/ tail/ number plate lights with" bullet bolt" features, Clock, Chrome tow bar, S/S Running board, engine crash bars & carry rack on Top Box, Leather tool bag, detached windshield & fire extinguisher included. $17,400 extras on top of base model. Great price for low K's with awesome presence on the road!
  • $59,000*
    • 4,000 Kms
    • 2cyl 1.9LL
    • MANUAL
    • TRIKE
    “The Mantis” has won every show its been in. Also a centrefold in Live to Ride mag September, issue 192, I think? Started life, as a “Hell Bound Steel Hellion Chopper.” First VIN’d in 2006. Was 1st registered in 2009 as a chopper\bike! Then, over a 2 year period, it was converted to and registered as a trike in December, 2011. ENGINE:- S&S 117 cubic inch motor! That’s a fly shit under 2 litres. Crane ignition, Shorty carbie, and 6 speed gearbox. FRAME:- is stretched out and up with 38 deg. in neck, 6 deg in tree, 44 deg. total BACK END:- is a “Mystery Design” independent suspension from the States MAGS:- are off the latest Ford Mustang pattern. SEAT:- was custom made by John Morehouse. Currently “for sale” QLD registered and a rider! Phone Pat - daytime only. Price $59,000. May consider ALL FORMS OF SWAP OR TRADES. Slightly flexible for cash, lets talk.
  • $30,000*
    • 43,300 Kms
    • 4cyl 1584L
    • TRIKE
    1600cc engine and new twin solex carbies. (two available spares also) Colour: Canadian blue metal flake Oz Trikes instruments Extra long range fuel tank Large top box for highway Chrome on motor Always garaged and serviced Running boards Driving Lights Towing Frame (draw bar) for towing behind vehicle. Sad Sale Must be seen to be truly appreciated. Call to discuss price.
  • $44,000*
    • 4,600 Kms
    • TRIKE
    1999 BON-TRIKE HS6 V-TWIN TRIKE, Only HS6 V-Twin trike in Australia! This is one of only two Rewaco Germany HS6 trikes imported by Bon Trikes in 1999. The other one was converted to a VW Trike so this is now the only one in the country. It is the only factory built rear engined V-Twin trike in Australia (most V-Twin trikes are converted motorcycles.) Hundreds have been sold in Europe and America, so parts are still readily available. I worked for Bon Trikes for 7 years. In 2002, when we finished up, I bought this trike which had only been used to attract more interest in motor shows all over Australia. I always loved the look and the way it sounds and handles. Since then I have started a new business and discovered sailing, so I have hardly ridden it. Many times before I have thought about selling the trike, but I kept putting it off because I liked it so much. The reality is, it should be ridden and showed off, it should not sit alone in a dark garage. This trike has only done about 5,000km and it has a beautiful S&S motor worth $18,000 (not including the adapter that marries the motor to the VW 4 speed gearbox (new in 1999.) The engine was built and modified by Tony Bogaart to ensure its smooth running. It comes with a heap of spare parts, send us an email if you would like a list. Parts can also be ordered in from Germany, where the new model is still being built today (called FX6). You can find them on the website www.rewaco.de (click on EN on the top right corner for English.) If you want to own a part of Australian trike history and to stand out from the crowd, this is your chance. Contact Reiner Gudd
  • $25,000
    Or Nearest Offer
    • 61,655 Kms
    • V4cyl 1085L
    • MANUAL
    • TRIKE
    2002 HONDA ST1100A TRIKE 4cy liquid cooled, Low mileage converted to trike. Engineered approved. 5 deg triple trees 3.5 and handlebar risers. Very clean and set up for touring.Towbar fitted. Seat re upholstered in leather. Runs rear independent suspension with Ford Sierra Cosworth diff and disc brakes. Fun to ride and ready to travel.
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